facebook marketing for dentists - pins of facebook logo and like button
08 Nov
Facebook Marketing for Dentists: How to Get More Leads

How often do you scroll through Facebook? Chances are, your patients visit Facebook every day.  Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for dentists looking to grow their practices. It’s a convenient place to engage with dental patients and gain insights about your local audience. Here’s...

Pokemon Go
17 Jul
What is Pokemon Go!? And how can my business get in on the craze?

As you may have heard, the number of people who have downloaded the latest sensation Pokemon Go! has now passed Tinder, the "hookup" app, and is closing in on Twitter. All in a span of about a week. That's insane! If you haven't accidentally walked...

SEO Tips
31 Mar
SEO Tips for Beginners: Playing the Field

Once you have your on-page optimization dialed in, as we discussed in our last "SEO Tips for Beginners" post, it's time to play the field! And no, we don't mean you should get active on Tinder! (Though social media is another matter entirely.) In the...

11 Feb
How do I get more “Likes” on my Facebook Business Page?

We all know by now how important it is to have an active social media presence for your business. That's true whether you're a corporation, a doctor, an artist or anything in between. However, once the Facebook page is set up many of us are...

Social Media by Local Gilbert Dentist

Everyone is trying to do social media marketing. Every player in every industry seems to have heard the message loud and clear. Recently I've been looking around to see how social media is being executed in the dental field. Obviously there are many dentist offices...

Facebook’s Open Graph Search Fails Miserably

So Facebook introduced a  new search engine. It was all over the news a few weeks ago and so I signed up for the beta version. From the news coverage it was made out to be the equivalent of Facebook declaring war on Google in...