28 May
Search Wars: Is Bing Gaining on Google?

It's been clear for several years now that Google is the top dog in the world of search engines. But that doesn't mean the competition has stopped waging the war nipping at empire Google's heals like the pesky resistance. Search Engine Optimizers have always focused...

seo and internet marketing
20 May
Is there a Difference between SEO & Internet Marketing?

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the ideological "battle" between SEO vs straightforward internet marketing. There are half-truths and misunderstandings on both sides, whether you are an SEO purist or a new-school let-your-marketing-do-the-work type of person. The truth lies, as most things...

google reviews
11 May
Google Reviews for Virtual & Remote Businesses

The importance of having positive reviews for your business go beyond having a good image and building trust. While those are extremely important factors in of themselves, there are also search engine optimization implications. The biggest search engine as you know is Google, so it...

Coolest New Website Design Trends

New Wine Web Design's new long-overdue website revamp is well underway. Due to that fact, we thought it might be a good time to mention on some of the cool new trends in web design that you might just see shortly on this very website!...

13 Apr
Do I REALLY Need a Blog?

Short answer? Yes. Now if I was an uninspired blog writer, the blog would end right there. However, not only would those three words be 100 times less than the minimum recommended 300 words required of a blog post for optimal SEO value, it also...

08 Apr
Advanced SEO: Natural Link Profiles

In the early days of the internet, links were king. Before professional SEOs began attempting to game the system with spammy links and unnatural link profiles, Google's initial algorithms were generally effective at displaying websites with authority for their subject matter on page 1. As...

SEO Tips
31 Mar
SEO Tips for Beginners: Playing the Field

Once you have your on-page optimization dialed in, as we discussed in our last "SEO Tips for Beginners" post, it's time to play the field! And no, we don't mean you should get active on Tinder! (Though social media is another matter entirely.) In the...

SEO Tips
26 Mar
SEO Tips for Beginners: On-page Strategies

We've delved into many SEO strategies on this blog in the past, however, sometimes it's useful to go back to the basics. It's always a good idea to know your fundamentals are sound before moving on to the more advanced strategies. In this blog we...

20 Feb
WordPress Site Security Tips

With an open-source platform like WordPress, there are bound to be occasional security issues. But before you decide to jump ship and have your site developed completely from scratch (and break the bank doing so), consider this: almost 1/4 of ALL websites are powered by...