09 Jun
The Quest to Secure the Web: SSL, HTTPs & You!

Securing your site (SSL) is becoming more urgent by the day Many of you know by now that having your site secured with secure socket layer (SSL or HTTPs) is common practice and mandatory for all websites that handle sensitive information like passwords, credit cards and personal...

Google's Algorithm is Changing: Fear the Wrath of the Penguin
08 Nov
Google’s Algorithm is Changing: Fear the Wrath of the Penguin

Google recently released it's latest algorithm update: Penguin 4.0. While Google likes to pick innocuous sounding animal names like Penguin and Panda, if you're on the bad side of one of these seemingly cute animals, your website rankings surely won't be so cute. This new,...

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24 Oct
Summer 2016’s Must Read Stats | Part 2

While looking forward to the rest of Fall and the new year, it's a good time to reflect on some of the more interesting internet marketing stats that defined the Summer of 2016. So before you make any major decisions on the trajectory of your...

Pokemon Go
17 Jul
What is Pokemon Go!? And how can my business get in on the craze?

As you may have heard, the number of people who have downloaded the latest sensation Pokemon Go! has now passed Tinder, the "hookup" app, and is closing in on Twitter. All in a span of about a week. That's insane! If you haven't accidentally walked...

SEO Tips
31 Mar
SEO Tips for Beginners: Playing the Field

Once you have your on-page optimization dialed in, as we discussed in our last "SEO Tips for Beginners" post, it's time to play the field! And no, we don't mean you should get active on Tinder! (Though social media is another matter entirely.) In the...

28 Jan
Why your business should use Google+ (even when no one else does)

When Google first rolled out their "social networking" site called Google Plus, it was supposed to compete with the Facebooks and Twitters of the world. In reality, most people only use the somewhat failed experiment because Google has made every effort to "encourage" people to...

What is Digital Marketing?

I get asked this question quite a bit when I tell people I do digital marketing strategy for a living.  Even those who have an idea of what digital marketing is about still find it hard to place a finger on what the term "digital marketing" exactly...

XXX Domain Names – Is Your Brand Protected?

The new xxx domain names for adult content become available to the general public later this year. The domain names went into operation on April 15th of this year and the sunrise phase is already under way (it ends on October 28). During the sunrise phase only those with trademarks...

Secrets of Engagement

Engagement is considered the secret sauce in social media. It's almost as if you can't say social media without saying engagement. This is for good reason.  When it comes to social media we don't have successful social media campaigns - in the traditional sense - we have successful...