Marketing For Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Company Marketing

Transforming Your Website

We know marketing techniques have changed over the years, even in the manufacturing industry. Word of mouth is no longer enough to convert prospects into customers. Consumers want to get to know your company through your website before doing business, even if they’ve already heard of you.


Whether you have an existing website or need to build one from the ground up, New Wine Digital can help. We work with you to customize your manufacturing company’s website and coordinate content that tells your story.


Customizing Web Design and Development

B2B consumers expect an easy-to-navigate, attractive website that neatly explains your expertise. When building or updating your website, we ensure it is clean, modern, and user-friendly.


We have experience helping manufacturers design eye-catching websites with valuable content tailored to aerospace, CNC machining, electronic contract manufacturing, and other industries. We’ll meet with you to build a website and create content that fits your goals, values, industry, and audience.


Reaching B2B Consumers with SEO and Content Marketing

To help your manufacturing company reach more B2B consumers, we’ll create useful content with SEO in mind that showcases your expertise and sets you apart from the competition. We typically will begin with broad categories of content such as:


  • Company introduction
  • Services offered
  • Industries you serve
  • Your certifications


Fresh content such as monthly blogs can also help establish your manufacturing company as an expert in your industry. No matter the type of content on your website, we ensure it is optimized for Google and other search engines to increase the visibility of your website. With New Wine Digital’s marketing services for manufacturers, expect to stand out from the competition.


Engaging Potential Clients

We also create engaging email newsletters for first-time visitors to your website. Our goal? To turn those visitors into new client referrals for your firm. In addition, we handle your firm’s Facebook advertising and Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads so you can keep your law practice ahead of your competition.


New Wine Digital

We build beautiful websites that help our clients grow their business through cutting edge digital marketing solutions.


Let us help you grow yours!

A Sampling of our Manufacturing Website Designs

Our goal is to drive business to your beautiful website in the form of increased traffic and new clients, customers and patients. Call us today – 480.516.1819