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13 Feb
Content Marketing: Is a Link-Building Strategy the New King?

In the fickle world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the only thing you can expect is that change is inevitable. Google changes its search ranking algorithm on a fairly regular basis. And if you’re not paying attention, these changes can have a whole host of...

16 Feb
Where Can I Get Legitimate Backlinks?

Google's algorithm is always evolving, and the importance of backlinks—especially those with exact match anchor text—has fallen off quite a bit. In fact, you can be punished quite severely for having an unnatural link profile. However, quality backlinks from trusted sources still carry their weight...

13 Feb
How can I use tumblr to market my business?

Everyone's using Facebook to market their business these days. Most use Twitter, Linkedin and more people should be using Google+ (as we outlined previously). However, in the world of internet marketing, we're always looking to get that little edge over our competition. Tumblr is far...