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11 Jul
Get Your Dental Practice Ranking in the Google Map Pack

Is your dental practice competing with a bunch of other dentists’ offices? Getting your dental practice ranking in the Google Map Pack helps you stand out from the competition and attract more local patients. At New Wine Digital, we help dentists with professional search engine...

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05 Jul
What Is Google Map Pack, and How Can You Rank in It?

If your business serves a local audience, your search ranking for the Google Map Pack is key to gaining more customers. At New Wine Digital, we help small businesses improve their Google rankings with our website design and search engine optimization services. Continue reading to...

How to Get Your Google Business Listing Ranking
23 Oct
How to Get Your Google Business Listing Ranking

A large and seemingly always expanding aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) is local search. What is local search, you ask? Local search is centered around Google Maps and in turn, Google My Business listings. A large portion of local search comes from mobile searchers using...

Adding Multiple Business Locations to Google Maps (LBC)

Tip O'Neil said "all politics is local". Well, all search is going local as well. Being visible on Google local map searches is very important. The first step is of course to submit your local business listing to Google's Local Business Center (LBC) . But...

Use Google Maps for a 3-D Experience

I had to drive to downtown Phoenix last week. I don't travel downtown very much and despite a good set of directions I like to know where the parking ramps, which lanes are better to use etc. So, I used the street view feature on...