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most important google analytics metrics - google analytics page on laptop
12 Oct
The Most Important Google Analytics Metrics for Your Veterinary Website

Understanding how people engage with your website will help you determine what you need to improve in order to reach more local pet owners. Google even provides a free analytics tool that collects data from your website to measure its performance. However, Google Analytics provides...

google my business for vets
24 Mar
Claim and Optimize Your Vet Clinic’s Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Have you claimed your veterinary clinic’s Google My Business (GMB) listing yet? Google My Business is a useful tool for vets that provides helpful information about your clinic to potential patients. When you claim and optimize your listing, your clinic’s website becomes more visible to...

google my business for dentists
23 Feb
A Guide to Google My Business (GMB) for Dentists

When someone starts looking for a new dentist, they often turn to Google for help. If you want your dental practice to show up as a relevant Google Search or Google Maps result to your target audience, you need to have a well-optimized and maintained...

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07 Jan
Tooth Decay is Preventable, So Are Website Design Mistakes

When speaking with patients suffering from tooth decay, dentists rightfully point out how easily preventable the damage is with proactive care. Proper hygiene, better dietary habits, and regular check-ups maintain the integrity of teeth and prevent additional damage even if patients previously failed to commit...

28 May
Search Wars: Is Bing Gaining on Google?

It's been clear for several years now that Google is the top dog in the world of search engines. But that doesn't mean the competition has stopped waging the war nipping at empire Google's heals like the pesky resistance. Search Engine Optimizers have always focused...

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11 May
Google Reviews for Virtual & Remote Businesses

The importance of having positive reviews for your business go beyond having a good image and building trust. While those are extremely important factors in of themselves, there are also search engine optimization implications. The biggest search engine as you know is Google, so it...

08 Apr
Advanced SEO: Natural Link Profiles

In the early days of the internet, links were king. Before professional SEOs began attempting to game the system with spammy links and unnatural link profiles, Google's initial algorithms were generally effective at displaying websites with authority for their subject matter on page 1. As...

Bing vs. Google, A Simple Test by a Common Man

I just read an article whereby a Microsoft exec claims Bing as good or better than Google Microsoft’s internal testing shows that Bing’s search results are quantifiably as relevant or, in some cases, more relevant than those from Google’s search engine. I just read on GeekWire where a...

Google Plus is the Real Deal

I enjoy social networking. However, social networking the Facebook way is not as enjoyable as it used to be. I'm more concerned about who's seeing my updates and as a result carefully watch what I say. As a result I post less frequently and when I do...

Your Flash Based Website is a Big Black Hole

This is how a completely Adobe Flash based website appears to the Google's search engine spider (your second most important audience segment). The snapshot below is from a real website and I've hidden the full URL to protect the innocent. This means the search engine spider...