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22 Jan
Every Dentist Deserves Good Website Design

Despite being an afterthought for many dental offices, a good website is crucial to success in a competitive marketplace. Excellent web design is often the first and last impression a potential patient has of a business. Once a patient lands on your site, you want...

The Mobile Web is Exploding [Infographic]

Saw this infographic on Mashable (via and was facinated by the numbers. Take a look: The mobile web is exploding. Every business strategy decision needs to consider the mobile web moving forward and for many brands there is little time to waste....

Time Spent on Mobile Apps Surpasses Time Spent Surfing Web

I'll admit, I was a mobile app skeptic. With HTML 5 integration and innovative web design technologies I thought mobile apps would eventually be pushed aside for more dynamic mobile websites. I thought the mobile website route was more efficient since it is less expensive...