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website updates - laptop being used for web design
18 Feb
Patients Ignore Teeth, Don’t Ignore Website Updates

Website updates are crucial to a site’s health, but oftentimes, dental practices can’t keep up with the required maintenance. Unfortunately, ignoring your website is akin to a patient ignoring their dental hygiene routine. Over time, wear and tear emerge as your digital presence suffers from...

why web design is important - team meeting at table to discuss design
10 Feb
Why Web Design is Important to Your Dental Office

Many dental offices misunderstand why web design is important to their businesses. Dental website design should take advantage of the latest trends and innovations to stand out from the competition and deliver a satisfying visitor experience. That's why, if your office is considering a brand...

20 Feb
WordPress Site Security Tips

With an open-source platform like WordPress, there are bound to be occasional security issues. But before you decide to jump ship and have your site developed completely from scratch (and break the bank doing so), consider this: almost 1/4 of ALL websites are powered by...

Reviewing WordCamp Phoenix 2012

WordCamp Phoenix 2012 was an extremely valuable learning experience for me. I have been using WordPress for a long time and consider the software to be extremely powerful. This weekend I just realized just how powerful. Aside from the technology the presentations was very good...

Blogging Help from WordPress

I laugh at my own jokes a lot - who doesn't. Sometimes I'll be sitting in my office and will remember a joke I told a friend or something humorous from a while back and will smile and laugh a little. Well today I'm thinking...

I Love the Layout of WordPress 2.7

I really like the new design of the Wordpress dashboard. I upgraded this afternoon and think it's a thing of beauty all round. I'm writing this post just so I can use the new QuickPress feature. Did I say I love the new design?...