Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing for Law Firms

Attention-Getting Websites

When people need a law firm, how do they find YOUR Firm? Most people start with the internet.


That’s why you need a dynamic, attention-getting website.


New Wine Digital provides cutting-edge design to make your practice stand out from the crowd. From criminal law to estate planning services, we know the ins and outs of marketing your law firm. It all starts with a great website.


Built With SEO in Mind

We build captivating custom websites from the ground up. They’re clean and modern, easy to navigate, and inviting to explore. The good news?


They’re also designed with SEO in mind and exclusively tailored to your law firm.


Your site will communicate your values, your goals and objectives, and steer potential clients to your doorstep. And we promise, no cookie-cutter sites. Whether bold, elegant, or any other style, we’ll represent your firm as you want it to be represented.


Content That Tells Your Story

We start building your website with broad categories such as:


  • Services Offered
  • Introducing Your Staff
  • Areas of Specialization
  • FAQs and client testimonials


Under each of these headings, we provide visitors to your website with pertinent information to help them choose your practice as their law firm. In addition, we have seasoned writers who can create blog posts on a variety of topics specific to your practice’s legal emphases—and that means you’ve always got fresh content on your website.


Engaging Potential Clients

We also create engaging email newsletters for first-time visitors to your website. Our goal? To turn those visitors into new client referrals for your firm. In addition, we handle your firm’s Facebook advertising and Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads so you can keep your law practice ahead of your competition.


New Wine Digital

We build beautiful websites that help law firms grow their practice through cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.


Let us help you grow yours!

A Sampling of our Law Firm Website Designs

Our goal is to drive business to your beautiful website in the form of increased traffic and new clients, customers and patients. Call us today – 480.516.1819