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About Us

We believe that digital marketing should be a major focus of any thriving veterinary dental practice. Effective digital marketing allows you to attract the right clients at the right time—which means you’re building a client base that loves you and appreciates the work you do. Nothing brings more joy to veterinarians, vet techs, and office managers than a practice making a difference in the lives of pet owners. 

At New Wine, our team of professionals are experts in every facet of digital marketing. Whether your veterinary dental practice needs a new website or more phone calls to fill your booking calendar, we can make it happen. From website design to paid media campaigns and content marketing to Google ads, our services cover all of the unique needs of vet dentists. We find joy in ensuring your practice’s digital presence drives the right results for your business’s bottom line.

We Are a Good Fit If…

  • You want to serve more clients and patients 
  • You are eager to serve your clients and patients
  • You value quality patient care and the overall well-being of your clients’ pets. 
  • You want the world to know how much you love your work

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kurt Sabel
Kurt Sabel
I have been a client of New Wine Digital for longer than I can remember, which is easy to say because they have always been available to me and consistently provide exemplary service. Their team are not only innovators, but problem solvers and you should consider their services if you are searching for a digital marketing provider.
Andrew Thorn
Andrew Thorn
We love working with New Wine Digital! We’ve worked on numerous digital marketing projects together, and they consistently deliver impressive results with their expansive services. They’re passionate about what they do, and it shows! They’re always enthusiastic and offer clear communication every step of the way. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that actually cares about your success, we recommend New Wine!
Jennifer Wiles
Jennifer Wiles
Working with New Wine has been an amazing experience, and we’re excited to watch our partnership continue to thrive. Their creativity, dedication, and communication truly set them apart from other digital marketing agencies. We know we can expect great results no matter the project. Through their web design and SEO services alone, we’ve seen consistent improvements in website traffic, online presence, and search rankings. New Wine Digital will take your business to the next level!
Regina Gomez-Vidal
Regina Gomez-Vidal
We have used this incredible digital marketing agency for several years now. We were not looking for a change but they found us and we are so glad they did! Their digital marketing services and website design services have been wonderful. They have a great team that is always quick to find a solution to any problem. Their reports are phenomenal every month too! I highly recommend them!
Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee
Wow. New Wine Web Design is professionalism and customer care at its best. Our company has utilized their talents to manage our website design, blogging, media relations and google rankings for the past 4 years. They have developed and executed numerous growth strategies for our practice through their innovative marketing ideas and have created a website that is everything we asked for - beautiful, direct, user-friendly and that cohesively represents who we are and what we do as a practice. I have never had an unanswered question, call or email nor have I ever set an expectation that they not only meet but exceeded. Every member of their team is knowledgeable and courteous - they have the exact type of out-of-the-box thinking that is needed in today's heavily saturated market. New Wine Web Design is a company that treats your business as if it is personal to them. As business owners what more could we ask for?
Keith Norton
Keith Norton
Their expertise in internet marketing and social media is fantastic with New Wine Web Design. We have seen a increase in New Patients in our office. Our website is looking great and their team is constantly adding things to improve it. I would highly recommend them to any business owner.
Michael Moshofsky
Michael Moshofsky
The team at New Wine Web Design are true professionals. Their expertise in internet marketing and social media has allowed me to put that part of my business on cruise control so I can spend my time on other aspects of my business while keeping a social media and internet presence. They are a delight to work with.

Why Choose New Wine Digital

  • Experienced in Marketing Veterinary Dental Practices
    We have been working with veterinary dental practices for years. This means we have a proven process for all of our services that deliver quality results. We have developed turn-key processes specifically designed for marketing veterinary dental clinics across the country.
  • Client-Focused Services
    Not every clinic is the same, and neither are every owner’s objectives. That is why we conduct a strategy review before our engagement, so we can execute the right set of personalized services for your clinic. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy.
  • Digital Experience
    Our team of experts have a combined 50+ years of digital marketing experience. And the results we’ve delivered for our clients prove it. The industry has taken notice, since our co-founder, Shailesh Ghimire, is regularly invited to speak at CE events in the business management track.
  • Client Satisfaction is #1
    Once we start working with you, we are on the same team. Your success is our success. Our account management team will be available to ensure all your campaigns are running smoothly, and all your questions are promptly answered. Our team is dedicated to timely responses to your inquiries, and committed to making sure you see a measurable ROI in your marketing investment.

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Discover the incredible impact New Wine Digital has made across various industries, propelling businesses to great success. From transforming struggling dental practices into profitable ventures to enabling veterinary clinics to expand into new markets, our uniquely crafted marketing strategies have fueled their achievements. 

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To get started, please call (480) 516-1851 or email us at aimee (at) newwinedigital (dot) com

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