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4 Free SEO Tools for Small Businesses

If you want to run a successful small business, improving your website’s rankings through search engine optimization is essential. There are many free tools and software out there that can help you simplify the keyword research and SEO process. 

You need the right tool to help you improve your search engine rankings and bring more traffic to your website, but how do you know which ones actually work? Because we’re very familiar with all the best SEO tools and software that small businesses can use, the experts at New Wine Digital put together this guide just for you. 

Four of the Best Free SEO Tools for Small Businesses 

1: Google Search Console

Google has a free SEO tool called Google Search Console (GSC), that you can use to monitor your website’s search rankings for specific keywords and to check on the overall SEO health of your website. 

GSC will tell you the number of clicks your website gets per keyword, the number of times your website has shown up in the results for a keyword, and many other helpful metrics. The data it tracks for your website goes as far back as sixteen months. It’s extremely useful for keyword research, which is essential in optimizing your website for search intent and improving your search engine rankings.  

This helpful tool will even alert you whenever Google spots errors on your website, so you can quickly resolve them before they impact your traffic rates and search rankings. For instance, Google will let you know about broken links on your site that might create a poor customer experience and get in the way of customer conversions. 

2: Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells you exactly how users find your website and interact with it. You can link this free SEO tool with your Google Search Console account to gather even more useful data about your customer base and your website. 

You can find out whether the bulk of your website traffic comes from organic searches, pay-per-click ads, social media, or elsewhere. It also tells you how well your blog posts are performing, and provides various other types of analytics. 

Google Analytics allows you to understand every step of your target customer’s journey, from their first encounter with your website to the moment they make a purchase. Understanding this journey can help you improve your marketing efforts and increase your return on investment. 

3: The Google Keyword Planner

Google has yet another useful SEO tool that is free for small business owners—the Google Keyword Planner. You can use this tool to discover new keywords that you want to rank for, and to increase the visibility of your website. 

The Google Keyword Planner can also tell you the search volume for each keyword and its related keywords, so you can better understand which ones are relevant and realistic targets for optimized content. It will even give you forecasts that predict which keywords will be trending in the near future, so you can stay on top of current trends and keep your content relevant. 

4: SEMrush

SEMrush is another SEO software tool designed for keyword research. You can create a free account or pay a subscription fee to access more advanced features of SEMrush. However, small business owners can find plenty of benefits in the free version. 

For instance, you can use SEMrush to perform competitive keyword research (a free account can run ten keyword searches per day, with ten results), analyze website performance data for up to ten competitor domains per day, track your search engine rankings, get alerts if any of those rankings change, and much more. 

Need Help with SEO?

Even with the best SEO tools, it can be difficult for small business owners to efficiently monitor their website performance while managing the rest of their operations. At New Wine Digital, we help small businesses in a wide range of industries maintain healthy websites and increase their web traffic with a variety of digital marketing services, including SEO. Call us at 480-516-1819 today to learn more about our services. 

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