Adding Multiple Business Locations to Google Maps (LBC)

Tip O’Neil said “all politics is local”. Well, all search is going local as well. Being visible on Google local map searches is very important. The first step is of course to submit your local business listing to Google’s Local Business Center (LBC) . But what if you have multiple locations? It can be very time consuming having to submit each location one by one and also having to individually verify ownership.

Don’t despair, Google local allows you to upload multiple business locations to LBC via a feed. The instructions are fairly straight forward. All you need to do is create a csv file with all your location information (according to Google specs) and upload that file. Full instructions are here. Be advised you need to have at least 10 locations to utilize this feature. Otherwise you’re going to have to submit the locations one by one.

Submitting the location is only the first step. Once the locations have been submitted you will need to verify ownership via phone or mail. Again, this can be very time consuming if you have many locations. So, you’ll need to white list your feed.  The instructions are fairly straight forward and can be found here.
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