adding video to a website

Adding Video to a Website

Everybody knows Google is the world’s #1 search engine. But what is #2—the second most used search site? Would you believe YouTube? That’s right! According to Search Engine Journal, the video platform YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine. At New Wine Digital, serving the Phoenix Valley and beyond, we know the power of video to communicate a message. If you’re thinking about adding video to a website, here are a few things to consider.


One reason YouTube is popular is because of the way information is conveyed: compared to text or podcasts, video makes it much easier to understand concepts and information. Who doesn’t feel daunted when faced with reading a long article, a technical journal, or a complex abstract? With video, our brains retain visual information for a longer period, and we absorb it more thoroughly than the spoken or written word.


The internet reaches 55% of the world’s population. If your website has 1,000 visitors a month, that’s pretty good traffic. And a video embedded on your site will potentially be seen by those 1,000 visitors.

But if you upload your video to YouTube and link to it from your website, you suddenly have access to millions of potential customers. YouTube has over 1.5 billion visits each month; that’s HUGE! When you have a message that needs to reach a lot of people, there’s an advantage to communicating it through video and placing it where it could be seen by billions of people.


With SEO, there’s a new kid on the block: video image search. With new algorithms, video SEO is becoming a reality. Image analysis within video context is allowing engineers to develop large data set processing algorithms that can identify what is in the video frames, and generate labels that are relevant descriptors of the content. When branded videos link to a website via video SEO, increased website traffic is the result. And when more people are directed to your website, it dramatically improves your site’s SEO.


Here are a few stats for you on marketing and video:

  • More than 60% of business decision-makers would prefer watching a video to reading an article.
  • 65% of them will visit the website after seeing a branded video. Embedded and YouTube-linked videos can increase conversion rates dramatically.
  • 87% percent of online marketers are currently using video content.

Every day, businesses of all types and trades are working smarter by adding video to their websites. It’s time for you to use video as part of your digital marketing strategy. Give New Wine Digital a call to find out how to make it happen for you. We’ll see you in the movies!



Images used under creative commons license (Commerical Use) 02-21-19  Photo by Thom Bradley from Burst

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