Blogging for Medical Organizations: What to Blog About? – Part II

In our first installment of “Blogging for Medical Organizations: What to Blog About?“, we went over the absolute necessity for blogging if you have any hopes of getting onto page 1 of Google. It is simultaneously the easiest, and most difficult way to get your website ranking. It takes time, dedication and a sometimes tiresome amount of consistency. In this blog post we will outline a few more helpful tips on what to write about and how to go about writing blogs. Whether you’re blogging for medical organizations, dental practices, law firms or any other small business, there will always be a huge amount of interesting information and content online to draw from and write about.

4. Rephrase it!

When you’re totally drawing a blank in regards to subject matter, there’s no shame in reaching back into your archives and simply rewriting and rephrasing an old blog article. If the information is still relevant, or just needs to be updated a tad, this is an excellent way to refresh a topic and add in new variations of possible search phrases. Don’t forget to include links to past articles to keep older content ranking as well. You can also use this strategy for blog articles you find on other sites, but try to put your own original spin on it – no one likes a copycat!

5. Back to the Basics

Can’t find a new interesting study, an outlandish news story or a local highlight worth mentioning? Stick with what you know. Not every blog is going to be a hit, but consistency is still important to keep your rankings up. Put together a few paragraphs on your specialty or expertise. Even if it’s been said before it can always be written in a new way.

6. Video Highlights

Another good go-to for when you’re running low on ideas is to highlight a video. There are millions of videos on youtube and vimeo, many of which may be educational about a topic relevant to your business. I once wrote a blog article featuring a viral video of a grandma blowing out her dentures into the birthday cake for a dentistry blog! It doesn’t have to be serious. Embed the video and write a little commentary. Write about what’s funny about it, what’s factual, what you agree or disagree with, it’s totally up to you!

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/10/2015) Rogers Cadenhead (Flickr)

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