Blogs Perception Problem

I think blogging still has a perception problem. This is especially true in the business world. Despite all the hype surrounding corporate blogs and blogging for business, many marketing managers do not appreciate how powerful a tool blogging can be if used properly. If you’re wondering whether blogging is useful as a marketing tool then at the very least read how blogging doubled Stormhoek sales in less than twelve months.

Fundamentally, it is important for marketing managers to recognize that blogging has evolved from simple online personal journals to central marketing pieces for many companies. Many blue chips, including Dell, GM (FastLane Blog) and others, have recognized the increasing importance of blogs and have used it as a central component in their marketing efforts. Blogging for business is a trend that is only going to grow over the next few years as more and more businesses’ face the reality that their customers want to engage them on the Internet on this platform.

Now don’t just take it from a blogger like me. A recent study from Forrester Research shows that 25% of customers in the US read blogs on a regular basis and 14 % of online consumers leave comments on blogs:

who reads blogs

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