Digital Marketing in the Brain

I have been blogging a lot more at my company’s blog, The Inside Lane. Topics I would normally include on this site I’ve been posting there. As you can imagine I wouldn’t think to duplicate the content here. That is why you may think I have been neglecting this blog.

So, let me get you up to speed on some of the topics I’ve been writing about. Below are some the posts that might interest you.

What will marketing be like in 2062

In honor of E.B. Lane’s 50th anniversary, I wrote my thoughts on what marketing would be like in the year 2062.

Paid search lives and dies on the landing page

This is a practical guide on how you can improve your paid search execution. The basic premise being that when you are paying for traffic you must have a robust landing page strategy to drive conversion. Otherwise you’re wasting money.

Celebrate WordPress at WordCamp Phoenix

I was on the pane at WordCamp Phoenix this year and this is my post promoting the event. Its obviously too late for this year but I’m sure to be involved in one shape way or form next year so keep that in your calenders.

Five digital marketing insights from 2011

I am always learning and in some cases re-learning. Every year I like to look back and reflect on what I’ve learned that year.Even though we are almost past the quarter mark for 2012 it is still worthwhile to look back on the lessons from 2011.

Start with a mobile site, graduate into a mobile application

Many marketers come to me asking what they should do first. Should they do a mobile application or consider a mobile website? Well, the answer is pretty clear in my mind and I share that in this blog post.

As always, happy digital marketing to you! I hope to be more active on this blog in the coming months.

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