Do I REALLY Need a Blog?

Short answer? Yes. Now if I was an uninspired blog writer, the blog would end right there. However, not only would those three words be 100 times less than the minimum recommended 300 words required of a blog post for optimal SEO value, it also would be a little boring! By now if you’ve read any of our blog posts or others across the web that discuss general SEO, you already know that you should have an active blog at minimum on your own website, and perhaps one or more on other platforms providing both additional exposure and link juice back to your website.

This “Do I REALLY need a blog?” question that many small business owners find themselves asking is often rooted in a combination of frustration, exhaustion and smattering of dread. Now this isn’t because most business owners couldn’t easily write a few paragraphs on their chosen profession, their community, or their professional philosophies. Blogging takes time that a lot of us simply don’t have. Running a business in a sluggish economy often pulls your resources elsewhere. However, if there is one bit of continued website SEO maintenance we recommend above all others after a site design or redesign, its blogging.

Your time is precious, we get that! So if you’re going to send your marketing dollars somewhere, send it to a web marketing company like New Wine Web Design to manage your blog for you. Many clients don’t see the value of blogging and proclaim that they will write their own blogs. This works for some, but for others what starts out as a few strong blog posts the first month, dries up to 1 or 2 every few months, to eventually none at all. The problem with that is SEO is all about consistency, and it’s not always a direct correlation that takes time to take hold – but once it takes hold it your rankings can skyrocket!

So yes, blogging is vital if you have any hopes of reaching the glorious page 1 of Google and taking advantage of all of the leads it generates, but you don’t have to go at it alone! Contact New Wine Web Design today and let us lighten the load with our blogging services in Gilbert, AZ.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (4/13/2016) Sebastien Wiertz (Flickr)

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