Don’t Ignore Google’s Webmaster Tools

It had been a few months since I looked in my Google webmaster tools account. All the sites I  own and operate are in this account and it’s rare for me to not be checking this account, but for some reason I just haven’t done it the past few months. When I log-in I can literally spend hours just going through all the information. It is amazing what you can learn and how you can improve your website through the data in the webmasters account. The information can help you optimize your website, improve traffic and conversions (if you’re e-commerce website).

Here are some of the  golden nuggets that can have an instant positive impact on your website:

1. View the top search queries driving traffic to your website. This gives you a picture of how relevant the traffic is that is coming to your website. It can help you answer why visitors may not be signing up for your e-newsletter or, not purchasing your product. At the end of the day if you’re getting lots of visitors but they’re arriving based on completely irrelevant search queries, then you have a problem. You can see this in the search queries section. As a side note there is now an enhanced graphical presentation that makes guys like me drool! Here is what I’m talking about:

Google Webmaster Tools

2. View the sites that link to your website. Which can give you a great idea of where you need to focus your link building efforts. Perhaps your SEO is not where it is because you don’t have the right set of domains linking to you.

3. Status of the sitemap you’ve uploaded to Google. You need your sitemap current everyday. If you don’t have a sitemap uploaded one up NOW!

4. The significance of your website in relation to your top sought keywords. You might think your website needs to be found for “XYZ” keyword, but what is your content saying to drive traffic on “XYZ” keyword searches? The significance scale can help you make the necessary changes to your content.

5. A bunch of diagnostic tools so you know where the Google spider is going, where it’s not going and where it’s failing.

If you have a website and don’t’ have a Google webmaster tools account, then you need to get one set up. I suggest you regularly log in to your webmasters tool account so you can stay ahead of the curve!

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