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5 Features Every Veterinary Website Should Have

A boring, difficult-to-navigate website can stand in the way of client conversions. But having a clean, attractive home page and a few pages detailing your veterinary services isn’t enough either. There are many essential features that should be included in your veterinary website’s design to help enhance the client experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features. 

Five Features to Include in Your Veterinary Website Design

1: About Us Page

Your veterinary website needs to present an excellent first impression of your clinic and staff before potential clients even step foot inside your door. A detailed “about us” page can help you achieve just that. 

Including brief biographies for each of your vets and technicians along with a short history of your clinic will give potential clients a clear understanding of your expertise. You should also include photos of your staff as well as your office and exam rooms to make your practice seem more personal and welcoming. 

2: Easy-to-Find Contact Information

No one wants to jump through hoops to contact a veterinarian, especially in an emergency. Your contact information needs to be as easy to find as possible. Your website should have a contact page that includes your clinic’s name, address, phone number, hours of operation, email address, and an integrated Google Map with your location. 

You should also include your name, address, and phone number on every service page, so that visitors to your website always have access to that information. Another important step is claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile, so that when people search for a vet clinic, they can go directly to your website or contact your business from Google Maps. 

3: Embedded Social Media Feed

Social media is another place where people can learn more about your veterinary clinic and even communicate with you directly. You should have a Facebook or Instagram page (or both!) where you post new content regularly to keep your followers engaged and educate them on important veterinary topics. Embedding your social media profiles into your website design is a helpful feature that guides visitors to a place where they can learn more about your practice. 

4: Educational Blog

There are many benefits of having a blog on your veterinary website. For instance, blogs help increase website traffic by improving search engine optimization (SEO). Well-written blog posts that target relevant keywords are more likely to rank higher on Google when someone searches for those topics. 

For example, if someone searches “should I vaccinate my dog?,” Google can lead them to your blog post titled “Why You Should Vaccinate Your Dog.” Even if they don’t immediately need your services, the blog post will put your clinic at the front of their mind when they do.  

Writing easy-to-read, educational content also makes your clinic more trustworthy, because it shows readers your expertise. Pet owners can trust that you have the necessary skills to care for their pets and the knowledge to answer their questions. 

5: Highlighted Reviews

Another important feature you should have on your veterinary website is highlighted reviews. Even if you implement the best marketing possible, potential clients still want to know what real pet owners think about your clinic. Showcasing reviews from happy clients shows others that they can trust you to provide the best care possible. 

You should also provide a link to your Google reviews on your website. That way, pet owners can read all the reviews they want, and see how you respond to any negative reviews. Responding promptly and politely to negative reviews conveys how much you care about your clients’ concerns.

Veterinary Website Design Services

We know it can be difficult to keep your veterinary website up to date on top of running your clinic. The New Wine Digital team can help you design and manage the veterinary website of your dreams. We’ll keep your website updated with all the necessary features, thoughtful content, and easy navigation that will convert new clients. Give us a call at 480-516-1819 to learn more about how we can improve your clinic’s website. 

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