“Friending” Addiction on Facebook

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Last week I posted a funny video on how Facebook can lower your self-esteem. Apparently, this is no joke and certainly not a laughing matter for some. A leading psychologist in London, England says Facebook is causing some pain in people:

But a leading psychologist says Facebook is driving a worrying trend.

The social networking site is being blamed for ‘friendship addiction’ causing insecurity in those who use it, particularly women.

David Smallwood, an addictions expert from the Priory clinic in London, claims many who use Facebook become hooked on the urge to acquire more friends in an attempt to appear popular and successful.

He says women are more vulnerable as they get their self worth from relationships.

Later on in this article he even says that those with addiction problems should stay away:

He said the site is unsuitable for those recovering from drug, alcohol or shopping dependencies.

I know I was guilty of wanting to add more and more friends on my list, but after a while I started questioning the need. Eventually, I decided that I’d only add those I knew, or are related via some common experience: college, high school, work etc. I find that Facebooking is now more fun and feels more worthwhile. Adding random people and interacting with strangers is no fun!

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