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My WordCamp Notes: SEO for blogs – Christen Dybenko shares her notes from WordCamp and has a cool diagram dissecting Google famous Page Rank.

Online TV Viewership Doubles in Two Years – this a post on, and has data on online TV viewership. I am personally not surprised at such a rapid growth. Also this post is relevant considering Amazon just launched online video streaming on its site.

The Great Online Advertising Divide Widens – Don Reisinger piggybacks on the WSJ article reporting a healthy 20 percent gain in the second quarter for online advertising. The main beneficiary of course is Google.

LinkedIn and CNBC Team Up for Industry News – Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins dissects the recent announcement. The NYTimes also partnered with LinkedIn recently – so this appears to be a trend.


Don’t Get Blocked for Being Too Social on Facebook! – Are you just one of those folks that have way to many friends you love sharing your life with them as if you’re a celebrity? Well, take Nick O’Neill’s advice so you don’t get blocked by Facebook.

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