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Good SEO for Dentists and Regular Flossing Go Hand in Hand

Many dentists urge patients to take care of their teeth with regular flossing. The logic behind the process is sound; consistent, hard work results in better protection and a healthier smile, even if it’s challenging to keep up. Similarly, good SEO for dental practices is hard work, but the payoff is worth the trouble. By taking the proper steps to improve their site’s digital presence, a dental practice can improve their patient retention and ensure that they’re reaching new patients.

Of course, it may not be obvious what might be good SEO for dentists in 2022. Here at New Wine Digital, we’re happy to provide you with the perfect SEO checklist for the new year.

2022 SEO Checklist

As you develop your digital presence, it is essential to maintain robust, professional practices in key design areas. These include keyword research, page linking, and content updates. Each of these will assist you in satisfying Google’s metrics for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT), which helps determine which content its search engine should provide based on the consistent, high-quality content you produce.

  • Keyword Research: Keywords are a fundamental part of Google’s search algorithm, acting as signposts for content valuable to an inquiry. As such, you must identify what keywords will draw Google’s attention to your site and use them appropriately. However, overusing keywords may muddy the signals sent to the system and push it away from showing your page due to not understanding your content. That’s why you should also utilize keyword maps to understand better which keywords in what amount are pushing your best pages to be the best in search rankings.
  • Page Linking: Page linking is very valuable as it allows you to leverage your older yet still empowering content to produce leads. By linking pages with each other, you help solidify a robust and authoritative reputation within the algorithm as links provide readers easy access to additional content of interest. Utilize a tool such as Google Analytics to identify what content performs best and is most relevant to users. Once you’ve identified what is most effective, begin linking to those pages when appropriate in your other pieces to help readers better navigate your site for relevant content. This ensures that potential patients stay on your pages and are more likely to choose you first for dental services.
  • Content Updates: Of course, valuable older content may require regular updates to remain fresh and relevant to current trends. By updating your content, you ensure that it appears regularly in search engine results and doesn’t appear out of date. Keyword research and mapping will assist with identifying what you need to amend on each page.

How Long Does SEO for Dentists Take to Work?

SEO for dentists is a long-term strategy for improving your site’s overall health and catching issues early. It is similar to how flossing relies upon committing to a regular, consistent practice to help improve oral health. Good SEO practices do not necessarily enhance your standing overnight. The work required to best optimize the content on your site involves producing many new pieces and editing older content. In general, it can take anywhere from two to twelve months for results to be particularly noticeable. Here at New Wine Digital, we often achieve impactful results within a few months for our clients.

Looking to Improve Your Site’s SEO Practices?

Of course, you don’t need to go it alone when managing your website content. At New Wine Digital, we specialize in producing high-quality, consistent SEO content for dentists and are always seeking new opportunities to connect with businesses in need of our services. Contact us today to start a conversation on how we can assist you in improving your dental practice’s digital health.

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