Google Plus is the Real Deal

I enjoy social networking. However, social networking the Facebook way is not as enjoyable as it used to be. I’m more concerned about who’s seeing my updates and as a result carefully watch what I say. As a result I post less frequently and when I do post I’m very selective about what I post. For me the megaphone broadcast method of the news feed on Facebook is a major negative.  But I’ve also made this decision to become less social because I want to be polite to those I follow and those that follow me. I don’t want to clutter my relatives news feed with boring Internet marketing related articles and I don’t want to clutter my associates news feed with pictures of my little children.

This problem bothered me from the very early days. Thinking that Facebook woudl one day take care of this I started grouping my contacts. When ever I make a connection I add them to a particular group. However, Facebook doesn’t allow me to easily leverage this work I’ve done (I know there is a very cumbersome way to accomplish this). Plus I’m one of the few doing this and I can’t expect the content I post to select groups to remain within that circle. So, even though I’ve done the work of grouping my contacts I’m frustrated that I can’t do anything with it.

It is for this exact reason that I like the circles offered by Google+. It solves the social noise problem and allows me to socialize online the way I socialize offline within distinct groups.  This is one of the reasons I like Google+ but in short order here are other benefits I see:

  1. Cleans up the newsfeeds
  2. Addresses privacy concerns
  3. Consolidates social networking
  4. Impressive ancillary features

Not all of Googles recent projects have been successful, however I do think that Google+ offers a series of improvements to social networking that will make it a strong com

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