High Profile Blogger of the Day

To counter the argument that some people are simply too busy to blog, I wanted to highlight a particularly high profile individual who happens to prolifically blog. He is the current Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt.

Recently he has been blogging about his trip to the Yakutat Tingit Clinic in Alaska and it’s not a stiff style of writing with a very partisan streak either. He actually comes across in an easy going manner and demonstrates a keen sense of intellect. Scanning through I see that his topics range from Africa and AHIC to Traditional Medicine and Web/Tech. There are pictures, personal anecdotes and much much more. A very engaging blog indeed.

In fact Angelo Fernando has some details on what the Secretary said on a recent webcast. Some quotable quotes:

“I speak my mind. I am just not reckless about it.”

“My blog is not a literary masterpiece –that is not my goal.”

“I choose the topic – not a reporter.”

So, there you have it. If a cabinet secretary who is twelfth in line to be President of the United States of America can find time to blog, than anyone can. It’s a matter of will!

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