MySpace Aims At Google and Yahoo!

MySpace seems to be gearing up to go head to head against Yahoo! and Google. According to a report in AdWeek they are in the final stages of re-designing the layout to make it more of a portal setup. This is of course different from their current page – which is more of a mish-mash blend of too much information coming from too many directions. At least that is how I feel when go to log in.

Here is what can be expected:

The new page, MySpace sales and marketing president Jeff Berman said, will feature “bigger and more powerful” options for brand takeovers.

“We saw there was enormous opportunity to build a new home page and navigation that were cleaner and easier and enabled the community to experience the site in a deeper way and at the same time provide enormous brand opportunities,” said Berman.

Businessweek also has a story on this:

MySpace embarks on this makeover with five new features. On June 18, the company will relaunch its homepage. Instead of seeing a few boxes for “cool new videos” and “cool new people,” users will see items such as news stories, ways to call up local weather, links to entertainment portions of the site, and images of top MySpace bloggers. There will also be a cleaner navigation toolbar, a new MySpace TV player with full-screen viewing, and an improved search function that makes it easier to find people, music, and media. “It is more the portal-like model,” Anderson says.

I’m not sure how this will play out. I’m not a big fan of portal sites – but many people seem to visit and enjoy them. I am however, eager to see the page though.

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