Nothing Extraordinary at Get Motivated Phoenix

Yesterday I attended the Get Motivated business seminar. I was really looking forward to the event and enjoyed many of the speakers.  There were some big names speaking and it was my first time seeing them live.  While I would rate the overall experience as “so-so”, I loved hearing from Kurt Warner, Krish Dhanam, Phil Town, Steve Forbes,  James Smith and the legendary Zig Ziglar. It was sad to see that Zig was  having a difficult time after his fall, but it was inspiring nonetheless to hear from him. Zig in my mind is a legend of all legends when it comes to motivational speakers!

Here is a brief takeaway from each of the speakers I enjoyed:

Kurt Warner –  Do not settle for “good enough”, seek perfection. Be the best at what you do. Life is defined by how we respond when we have setbacks.

Krish Dhanam – Offer praise to your inner circle (family).  Develop an attitude of gratitude. Dream with eyes open. IQ + EQ + SQ = the real you! Don’t forget the spiritual element to your success.

Phil Town – Only 3% of fund managers (who make $5 million a year) have beat the S&P 500 since 1985. Take control of your investments. Buy and hold is one of the biggest investment myths.

Steve Forbes – Figure out ways to make ordinary things extra-ordinary. Starbucks makes billions selling coffee and McDonalds sells hamburgers.

James Smith – It’s the little things you do today and not the big things that determine your destiny. One degree change in the velocity vector can land you in a different solar system in ten years!

Zig Ziglar – Attitude is everything.

I enjoyed the other speakers but could have done without Rudy Giuliani. I can’t believe this man stood up in front of 20,000 people and told them its important to connect to the Internet. It’s’ 2010 Rudy! Half the people in the audience tuned out after he said this and were on their mobile phones catching up on their emails. Plus, it seemed that after this main point, all he said was Ronald Reagan.. yada yada yada… 9/11…. yada yada … Ronald Reagan … yada yada … 9/11!

I definitely felt it was worthwhile to attend but I can’t say I was motivated afterward. I rarely attend these types of events and in some ways I now remember why I don’t. But at the same time it was good to get away, listen to some inspiring words and meet new people. Even though I can’t say I was completely motivated, I do look forward to learning more from these speakers through their books!

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