Rainy (or Snow) Day Internet Marketing Inspiration

El Nino has struck the valley and all of northern Arizona. Depending where you are, you are likely either caught in a flood or a snowstorm. If the weather is keeping your patients, clients or customers at home instead of at your place of business, don’t let the day go to waste! A bad weather day might be just what you need to spend some time working on your website or internet marketing campaign. Whether you are inside waiting out a downpour in Mesa, or a whiteout in Flagstaff, here are a few ideas to pass the time and rid yourself of those rainy day blues.

Get Organized

Use the rainy days as a very early start on your spring cleaning! Even if you work with an outside internet marketing company like New Wine Web Design, having your photos, testimonials, and content organized and up to date will save everyone a lot of hassle and benefit your web presence. Google loves fresh content! We’ve gone into detail about how important testimonials are here, so get those rave reviews organized and sent over to be updated on your website! Have new before and after photos from a recent cosmetic dentistry case? Get them online stat! Days like these are the perfect time to tie up loose ends and make sure your website is looking professional and up to date.

Review your Social Media Presence

No, we don’t mean check how many “likes” your latest selfie got! (Though we’re sure it got plenty.) Review how your Facebook and other social media business profiles are performing. Find out which posts are getting the most interaction and use it as a learning tool for future posting. After all, on a rainy day it’s likely at least half of your contact list are spending a lot of time on social media too!


There always seems to be an idea or a project that continually gets swept under the rug. Gather your thoughts and your brilliant epiphanies in one place. Or just brainstorm some new ones! Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a video tour of your office – go ahead and take this time to set the wheels in motion. Contact your internet marketing team or an outside hire if need be. Put those great ideas into practice!

We hope we’ve provided some great rainy day internet marketing inspiration! If you need some more ideas, contact New Wine Web Design today! We live for the rainy and snowy days in front of our computers.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (1/7/2016) ryuu ji 竜次(Flickr)

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