Reality Show of the Unemployed

Coin-Op TV - Ft. Hailey Bright and Hogan Carter - 6/25/2009

I guess being unemployed does have its upside – as long as it’s not for too long I guess.  And if you’re a social media savvy creative type with a background in PR, Marketing, advertising, writing, web design, graphic design and happen to find yourself out of work – you’re in luck. They’re casting for a reality show of unemployed professionals and it will be filmed right here in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some details:

Known as “The Phoenix 5,” this team of outgoing professionals will live together in a luxury home for six months with all expenses paid and receive a weekly salary. You’ll also have a brand new vehicle to drive around Phoenix.

To earn a paycheck each week, The Phoenix 5 must complete challenges in the community that are all geared at helping local nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Using their skills as a team, they must complete professional challenges such as overhauling the website of a nonprofit, rebranding a struggling small business, promoting a local charity event, giving a job seeker a makeover, and more…

We will work hard, but play hard too with appearances throughout the city at local entertainment venues, restaurants, unique businesses, sporting events, outdoor attractions and a variety of other fun experiences you can find in the greater Phoenix area. We’ll meet local celebrities, artists, musicians, and leaders in the community.

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H/T Charlotte  (Valley PR Blog)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rance Costa

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