Seeking Phoenix Arizona Based Marketers

I give up I’m putting out an ad. I just can’t seem to meet the right kind of people. I’m tired of waiting around for the perfect one to just SDN Conference: Enable Day | Get Well Soonmagically appear. So, here it goes. I want to meet you the Phoenix Arizona based marketing enthusiast. In particular the new media enthusiast/trail blazer! You know who you are. You live on Twitter and Facebook. You have a blog (maybe even more than two). You may even have a podcast. You are very well connected on LinkedIn (with real live connections) and you may also even have a presence on Second Life. And this may even be just half of what you do on social sites.

Most importantly though, whatever your level of engagement, you have a demonstrated interest in seeing social media used to generate real results for live business. Meaning, you’re a social media practitioner interested in helping business use social media to increase sales!

If this is you, I want to network with you. I want to share ideas, bounce concepts, tips/tricks off each other and professionally network on a range of issues covering a wide array of industries. Are you interested? Lets get started.

So, if you’re one of these people follow me on Twitter ( and DM me.You can also leave a comment below and I’ll follow up with you.

Looking forward to connecting.

I will admit I should probably start attending some of the local social media club events.

Creative Commons License photo credit: thinkpublic

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