Social Media by Local Gilbert Dentist

Everyone is trying to do social media marketing. Every player in every industry seems to have heard the message loud and clear. Recently I’ve been looking around to see how social media is being executed in the dental field. Obviously there are many dentist offices and a wide range of dental providers.  They are all vying to get attention from their target audience and gain more patients. You only need to open up the local coupon books you receive in the mail to see how competitive this field can be. You will see all kinds of offers from discussions in dental implants to tooth whitening offers.

A local dentist in Gilbert, Arizona called Lifetime Family Dental has been very active on social media recently. Dr. Norton’s office has been very aggressive on both Facebook and Twitter, putting out content on a very regular basis. From posting dentist jokes (from time to time) to announcing their services this Gilbert based dental practice does a good job posting a wide variety of content to keep the audience engaged. They are focused on doing their best to connect with their audience and provide value via social channels.

Many times I see them linking to their website and calling out specific services they provide such as dental implants, emergency dental services as well as regular dental cleanings. I commend the progressive and forward looking approach by this dentist in Gilbert. I think they are showing how engagement and outreach on digital platform can indeed be a differentiating factor in a cluttered market place.

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