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Time for a marketing blogosphere roundup. Where I bring you the constant variety of tips, tricks, news and opinions so you don’t have to wade through the overgrowth that is the marketing blogiverse.

Don’t like the auto bailout? Well Scott Montey, the social media guru at Ford, gives you tips on “How You Can Use Social Media to Help the U.S. Auto Industry”. He offers five direct ways you can help through social media (share what you discover, get active, educate yourself, drive one and watch and share this video). Scott also appeals to nationalist pride by reminding Americans that Ford’s been there for the country too:

Let’s not forget that in tougher times, the auto industry has always been there for the country. In World War II, factories were converted into airplane and ship manufacturing facilities, forgoing automotive manufacturing.

I have nothing to say on the auto bail out plan other than: considering Wall Street schemers made out with $700 billion a few months ago and we’re still in the dumps, $15 billion seems like a drop in the bucket to help out a major employer especially this close to Christmas. Wouldn’t the real estate industry in the industrial belt take another beating if so many lost jobs. Increasing loan defaults and foreclosures further worsening the credit crunch? Enough said.

Olivia at Ignite Social Media shares tips on “How To Use Social Networking To Get A Date“. She breaks it down by network too, and warns of the “shirtless guys who send random messages” on MySpace.

Jennifer, a local Phoenix based blogger, writes about the importance of obtaining permission before sending someone a e-mail newsletter. The main reason you want to get permission is because if you don’t you’re considered spam:

You might think that you have the most brilliant content ever to share, but when you don’t really have my permission and I don’t really know you or what you do, your brilliant content is irrelevant.  Irrelevant=SPAM.

Finally, Amber at Altitude Branding makes a list of what’s right with Social media. A very nice summary heading into Christmas.

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