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Stats that will convince you to start a business blog in Arizona!

Blogging, blogging, bogging. We know you’re getting sick of hearing it, but the importance it has in regards to your organic rankings cannot be ignored. If you’ve been holding out on starting your business blog in Arizona, here a few powerful stats that might to a change of heart.

  • Small business owners and search engine & content marketers who emphasize blogging are thirteen times more likely to achieve a positive return on investment from their efforts.
  • The fifth most trusted source for accurate online information are blogs.
  • Businesses who engage in active blogging receive 97% more links to their website on average.
  • Paid ads are ignored by around 70-80% of users. Which is a reason to focus on organic rankings which are driven by blogging.
  • Websites that have a regularly updated blog can benefit from 434% more indexed pages than sites without an active blog.

If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon to better rankings, contact New Wine Web Design today and let us do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to blogging!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/10/2016) Fabrizio Rinaldi (Flickr)

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