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I consume all of my blog content through Google Reader. If you asked me what the homepages of some of my favorite blogs look like, I would have no idea. That doesnt’ mean I don’t visit the blog. I often times will click on an article and visit to leave a comment. When I do that I come right back to Google Reader. But I still want to stay connected with the comment stream. Not all of these blogs have a “email subscription” option for comments. That means if I want to see a follow up comment I have to go back to the blog. This can be hard to keep track of.

It would be cool if next to the “star” on Google Reader there was another button that you could click to indicate that you left a comment on that particular post. That way it’s all grouped together and I can follow up on comments. Right now I click the “star” button, but that’s reserved for favorites and everything gets mixed in together.

Does anyone else have another suggestion for this? I’d like to hear how you deal with this issue. I can’t be the first one to face this.

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