What Social Media Isn’t

I posted a video while back explaining what Social Media is. Today I came across a list put together by Marc Meyer pointing out what social media isn’t. Here are some of the things that stood out to me from this exhaustive list:

6. Social Media Isn’t:  Another Place to Distribute Your Press Release

9. Social Media Isn’t:  Something You Can Do Without Participation

13. Social media isn’t a technique

16.  It’s not an event,

20. Social Media is not Mass Media.

31. Social media is not just another marketing channel.

56. Social media is not calm, sedate, unresponsive.

63. Social media is not a Silver Bulllet

64. Social media is not just for “Experts”

It’s quite a list. I paused and thought about all the things on the list as I went through. Made me really force a change in some of my thinking.

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