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Why Web Design is Important to Your Dental Office

Many dental offices misunderstand why web design is important to their businesses. Dental website design should take advantage of the latest trends and innovations to stand out from the competition and deliver a satisfying visitor experience. That’s why, if your office is considering a brand new site or a site refresh, it’s helpful to understand in advance what makes a great website. Here are four tips that could help you start thinking about your new website.

1. The Face of Your Business

Think of your website as the teeth and smile of your business. Your patients often receive their first impression of your business through the design choices you’ve made on your site. A modern, interactive, and clean design creates the idea of a good, professional dental practice. Additionally, pleasant, informative images illustrating your brand and services will better engage users. Patients are more likely to trust a dentist whose business has taken the time and effort to care for their professional appearance.

2. Usability and Navigation

In fact, excellent web design goes beyond simple aesthetics. Good website design principles also apply to layout, navigation, and mapping. By incorporating up-to-date innovations into your dental website design, you create an engaging, refreshing experience that promptly provides patients with the information they need. This positive experience highlights your expertise in dentistry and will keep visitors on your site and away from the competition.

On the other hand, failing to incorporate website design principles and emerging trends will undermine your digital presence. Common website design mistakes will cause patients to bounce off of your site, as either lack of usability or unpleasant aesthetics will cause them to seek better alternatives. This consequently gives up patients to your competition to service at your expense.

3. On-Page and Session Duration

Additionally, the goal of a good dental website design is to increase the on-page SEO metrics of your website. On-page SEO practices such as internal linking and content quality improve the effectiveness of your website’s pages at keeping users engaged. By incorporating better website design, you increase each patient’s session duration as well as the odds of them choosing your services.

4. Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

Finally, your competitors are likely taking advantage of an empowering dental website design. At a bare minimum, it is essential to incorporate planned site structures into your website to provide equivalent service.

However, dental offices should always look for ways to offer the best patient experience, both in the dental chair and online. If your dental office is late implementing a modern web design, it can work to your advantage. It allows you to take the best lessons from your competitors and incorporate them into your website fundamentals.

With a strong foundation that considers competitors’ SEO practices, you can develop designs that land you at the top of Google Search. This will accordingly set you apart from the crowd and help to ensure that you have a superior digital presence.

Considering A New Web Design?

If you think your website could benefit from an update, you don’t have to go it alone. At New  Wine Digital, we dedicate ourselves to providing customized, competitive design solutions to our clients. In particular, we specialize in servicing dental practices. Our leadership and writing staff are keenly aware of your dental practice’s needs and what will set them apart. We have a proven track record of generating substantial results for our dental practice web design and SEO clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation that can bring you to the forefront of the digital marketplace.

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