Why You Shouldn’t Blog

I’m a blogging enthusiast and am of the belief that blogs represent a very powerful medium for companies – large or small. I’ve seen it work and have even had it work successful in my own business in the past. But, I will be the first to tell you that blogging may not be for you. It’s not for everyone. Just like not everyone should be in a bathing suit at the beach, not everyone should blog.

In fact I found a great article at Ad Age which basically makes the same point. In fact B.L. Ochman gives you 10 reasons why you should not blog (I’m paraphrasing):

  1. Most blogs are boring
  2. Blogs succeed only when they have a personal voice
  3. You need original content.
  4. Blogging takes a lot of time.
  5. You need to read a lot to write well.
  6. Not a substitute for a marketing campaign.
  7. Not a substitute for advertising.
  8. Not a quick fix.
  9. Blogs are not cheap.
  10. Need to drive traffic.

These are not insurmountable challenges. At the end of the day it boils down to your passion. Are you absolutely passionate about your topic to be able to write about it consistently well for a considerable amount of time? If you answered yes then you’ll do well.

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