Will Seesmic Catch On

I can’t remember how I found out about Seesmic, but it was a few months ago when I started checking it out. It’s not like I needed another social media site to be a part of to suck more of my time, but the idea of video updates – instead of text updates such as that found on Twitter – kind of intrigued me. So, I checked it out.

At first it was a bit weird getting used to watching 20 or 30 second updates from complete strangers. It’s akin to walking in on a conversation but having no clue who the person is talking to and what they’re talking about. Then I discovered the “conversation” button at the bottom right corner of each video. So, then following the conversation became a bit easier.  Once, I figured that out and watched a few pros do their thing, I decided it was my time to shine!

So, I did created an account and started to poke around a bit. As is all social networks, its not fun until you have friends on the network with you. I mean friends you actually know, not people you meet there. It’s hard to get used to the site and new people at the same time. So, even if it’s people you met on other networks – you’d still like to meet up with them on a new one, to try the system out. Well, to my disappointment, Seesmic doesn’t seem to allow you to search through your email account to look for friends. A bummer. I think this is a glaring weakness and should be corrected as soon as possible.

But I persisted and did eventually find a few people I knew. So, I went through their list to find others I knew just to pad my account :-). After collecting a few friends I decided I needed some followers. Sounds vain, but let’s face it, we all want to know that someone somewhere is actually watching us or reading our stuff or interested in our social interaction. I’m no different.  So I sent out a message asking for people to follow me:

Looking for followersI can’t access my address book through Seesmic to add followers. So, if you’re watching then follow me.

Then after a few other videos, I decided it was time to respond to a Seesmic video from Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy. In his video he talked about looking straight into the camera while recording and expressed his views on why it’s important. I thought it was relevant and kind of funny, so I recorded one about what I thought:

Re: Ist stupid video post. A test really

Jay responded back and so did a few others. It was mildly amusing for that afternoon, but quite frankly I haven’t been back since then. I don’t know why? Maybe social media burnout, or maybe becuase like a radio star not fit for T.V., I’m made for Twitter, and not necessarily Seesmic!

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