Young People Change Names On Facebook to Hide From Employers

So you think you’re clever to check the young applicants Facebook page to get the real scoop. Well you may not find them on Facebook because they may have changed their name. Check this out (from CNN):

(CNN) — Justin Gawel says there’s nothing too incriminating on his Facebook page.

“There are a lot of pictures of drinking [but] nothing naked or anything — at least I don’t think so,” he said jokingly.

Even so, the Michigan State University junior recently changed his Facebook display name to “Dustin Jawel” to keep his personal life from potential employers while applying for summer internships.

Although Gawel ditched his rhyming alias after two weeks when he realized Facebook users also can be searched by e-mail address, school and network, he is not alone in his efforts to scrub his online résumé. Many students and recent graduates say they are changing their names on Facebook or tightening privacy settings to hide photos and wall posts from potential employers.

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