2016 Web Designs that Convert! (Video)

Here is a summary of some of the great information provided in the video above that will help your website convert visitors into customers, patients or clients.

1. Full Width Images: This one isn’t exactly new to 2016, but large full width images really get people’s attention and can lead to higher conversions. Especially if those full-width images contain happy smiling people (but stay away from cheesy/fake looking stock photos)! Other new trends include ambient video or cinemagraphs.

2. Split Screen Layouts: This design element allows you to funnel people to the right location where they are more likely to convert from the get-go. This is especially effective if you have two or multiple main products or services.

3. Monochromatic Color Scheme with a Contrasting CTA If your website is largely black and white, or monochromatic, with a bright/colorful call to action, you are more likely to get more clicks because the CTA is so visually dominant in the design.

4. Too Much of a Good Thing: You want your navigation to be clear and user friendly, but not overwhelming. Only display your top pages, hide the rest in a hidden expandable menu and put an attractive call to action button in the menu as well.

5. Form Minimalism: When it comes to forms, the one field form is the way to go for clarity’s sake. Stick with a clear header, short description, and a single field.

6. Video video video: Well done videos develop trust whether they are in the form of testimonials, welcome videos, demos, etc.

7. Sticky Call-To-Action: Place your call-to-action in your sticky header, sticky sidebar, or on mobile a good strategy is putting your CTA in a sticky footer.

8. Card design: What is card design? Look at pinterest!

Single Column CTA: Center your call to action in a single column with plenty of white space, especially if the rest of the site has multiple columns.

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