How do I get more “Likes” on my Facebook Business Page?

We all know by now how important it is to have an active social media presence for your business. That’s true whether you’re a corporation, a doctor, an artist or anything in between. However, once the Facebook page is set up many of us are left wondering.. what now? How do I get people to actually like and follow my Facebook business page? Whether you are managing the page yourself, or hiring an outside firm like New Wine Web Design to manage your social media presence, it’s good to know a few tips that will help you get more likes and follows.

1. The first step is to make sure your Facebook page is optimized. Go above and beyond. Don’t just fill out the bare minimum. Write a compelling bio, upload engaging photos, create a custom url, link to your website, include your hours of operation and any other contact information. This will help your page get found in Facebook and Google search.

2. Stay active and engaging. You want your Facebook page to be remain active, by posting at least 3 times a week. People are less likely to like your page otherwise. However, don’t post just anything. The higher the engagement your posts have (likes, shares & comments), the more reach they have. Videos are one of the best options for encouraging engagement.

3. Invite & Promote! Make sure a link to your Facebook page is displayed prominently on your website, in your email signatures, business cards, newsletters, and any other marketing materials. Don’t forget about your preexisting community! Ask coworkers, employees, business partners, fellow business owners, family and friends to like your page. Include your Facebook page at the end of business presentations. Spread the word, just don’t be too pushy!

4. Facebook Ads – When you can’t beat them, pay them. Facebook is becoming more and more pay to play these days. You can boost your posts to reach a larger audience and promote your page. When you promote your page with ads it gives those who view the ad the option to “like this page”. Facebook ads are very easy to target to specific audiences. Choose who you want to see the based on demographics, interests, etc.

5. Everyone loves a contest! People love free stuff! There are Facebook Promotional Guidelines you must follow, but this is a method used by companies all the time. Promote your contest with ads, make it fun, easy, and make sure it rewards sharing the results for further reach!

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