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How to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Estate Planning Law Firm

Positive reviews not only improve your Google search rankings, they can also benefit your estate planning law firm in a variety of other ways. Positive reviews make it easier for new clients to find you online, encourage them to reach out, and make them feel confident in their choice of law firm. 

Negative reviews, on the other hand, can do some major damage to your reputation. But collecting more positive reviews than negative ones requires more than just providing excellent service and building trustworthy relationships. Here are some tips on how you can get more five-star reviews for your firm. 

Five Ways to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Estate Planning Law Firm

1: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

One of the best ways to get more positive online reviews of your law firm is to simply ask for them. Unhappy clients are often quick to leave a negative review, while happy clients don’t always remember to write a positive one. However, your satisfied clients are usually more than willing to leave a review if prompted. 

After a positive experience helping a client with their estate plan, politely ask them to leave a review on your Google Business Profile, social media page, or website. If you don’t ask them in person, you can follow up with a kindly-worded email. 

Just keep in mind that timing is everything when it comes to obtaining reviews. It’s best to request a review while the positive experience is still fresh in your client’s mind. The sooner you reach out, the more likely they will be to leave a review. 

2: Leverage Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have a strong client base, you can use your marketing emails to encourage them to leave a review. For example, you can include a call-to-action in your newsletter highlighting the importance of client feedback along with a direct link to your preferred review platform. Or you can send personalized emails to satisfied clients who recently went through the estate planning process with your firm, expressing your appreciation and requesting a review. 

3: Simplify the Review Process

The easier it is to leave a review, the more likely it is that your clients will follow through. When requesting reviews, make sure to provide a direct link to the review platform and provide clear instructions. 

Adding direct links or review buttons to your website or email signature can even help you get reviews without asking for them. The more effortless and convenient the process, the higher the chances a satisfied client will leave a review. 

4: Engage with All Reviews

Of course, making it easier to leave a review can lead to new negative reviews as well. But negative reviews are inevitable for any business—what matters most is how you handle them. 

Promptly respond to negative reviews by politely acknowledging their concerns, thanking them for their feedback, and offering to resolve any issues over the phone or by email. 

Responding quickly and professionally can sometimes turn a negative review into a positive one, or the client may decide to remove the negative review after you’ve resolved their concerns. But even if the negative review remains, your positive response can help minimize the damage. 

It’s also important to acknowledge your positive reviewers and thank them for their feedback. Making your clients feel appreciated will help encourage more positive reviews, and prove to the potential clients who read through your reviews that you truly care about their opinions. 

5: Promote Great Reviews

Make sure to display positive reviews prominently on your law firm’s website to highlight the experiences of happy clients. You can also promote satisfied reviews on your social media profiles with a link to the full review. This not only helps you attract more clients, it also encourages more reviews from clients who want to see their own words showcased. 

Digital Marketing Services for Estate Planning Law Firms

Obtaining more positive reviews of your estate planning law firm is an essential aspect of building a strong online presence. Five-star reviews help you build a strong reputation and attract more clients.

At New Wine Digital, we offer a wide range of professional services that will help your firm show up in Google searches and improve your reputation online. We can add your client reviews to your website, optimize your Google Business Profile, write engaging content for your blog and social media pages, improve your search result rankings, and much more. 

Give us a call at 480-516-1819 to find out how our services can help you attract more clients and more positive reviews. 

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