Medical Website Design: Why go Local?

When it’s time to design and launch a new website, the first choice you make is perhaps the most important of all. That choice being: who should I hire to design and develop my website? The options are quite vast at this point, as it seems like everyone claims to be a web designer. You could enlist the aid of a template site and try to build it yourself. Maybe your practice’s medical website design can be built by your co-workers nephew in college who has a couple sites under his or her belt? You could always hire some freelancer you find off of Craigslist. If you want to go the more professional route your options really boil down to a local web design company, an out of state firm, outsourcing the project to another country or a monolithic national design company.

It’s of course in our best interest to encourage the local web design route. However, we believe it’s also in your best interest. Not only should you go local, but you should also go for a local firm that has experience in your industry. When it comes to converting visitors into patients and offering the best search engine optimization for your area, hiring a local web design firm with medical and dental expertise in Arizona is the best choice if you want the highest quality for the right price. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a local design firm.

  • Sitting face-to-face with members of your local website design firm can build a better sense of trust, enable you to convey your creative thoughts and ideas more efficiently and receive immediate feedback.
  • With a local medical website design firm, you are given priority and are not just another client in the database.
  • Establishing referrals becomes much simpler. It’s even likely that one of the referrals may be someone you know through the grapevine.
  • Knowledge of your specific location is important when it comes to search engine optimization. Google and other search engines are placing a greater and greater emphasis on local search.

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/22/2015) Alan Stark (Flickr)

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