The Benefits to Hiring local SEO Specialists

In our previous article titled Medical Website Design: Why Go Local?, we highlighted many of the reasons why choosing a local professional medical and dental website design company is the best way to go for your practice. One of the reasons we highlighted in that article was the advantages a local company has when optimizing your website to be found on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Before we get to the key points, to understand them better it helps to know a few of the basics about search engine optimization (SEO). At it’s most basic, SEO is a specific internet marketing strategy that focuses almost exclusively on the mission to get your website ranking as close to number 1 on all search engines (but most importantly Google) for the search phrases that are the most valuable for obtaining new business.

For example, almost anyone could get your website ranking on page one for some obscure phrase like “orange spiky pickle piñata in Arizona”, but ranking for a term like “best dentist in Gilbert” is a whole different matter. That takes some expertise. You can read up additional articles about SEO here, and check out the list of reasons why you should consider hiring local SEO specialists like New Wine Web Design below.

1. We know the location first hand. That may not seem too important at first glance, but once you begin to realize how much emphasis Google is putting on local search in begins to make a lot more sense. Just knowing a popular neighborhood or nickname for an area can go a long way and might just give you the edge over a competitor that is using a non-local SEO specialist that may not know what the locals are searching. There’s always keyword research that can be done, but good SEO strategies include always working in new search terms into blogs and internal pages to pull in more potential patients or customers.

2. We can discuss your expectations face-to-face. Due to the fact that SEO involves a certain amount of backend coding involving H1 tags, titles/meta descriptions, inbound/outbound links, microdata and a formula that is constantly changing because Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, it can sometimes be hard to know what your SEO/web marketing company is actually doing. Many clients can lose patience because SEO is an ongoing process and a phrase like “get you on page 1 of google” sounds like it should be super simple. It’s not. SEO takes time and dedication, and working with a local company like New Wine Web Design enables you to communicate with us one-on-one, get personalized attention and discuss any concerns or expectations you have regarding SEO. It’s not an exact science and we are open and honest about that, though we do have a proven track record of success.

3. Networking with other local businesses.  Networking has always been important for any business, but it also helps with SEO. If you’re working with a local SEO company, it is easier for them to help you reach out to contacts around town that may want to send a link your way from their website or help promote your business. Inbound links are a great way to get potential patients or customers to your website, and it also allows search engines to view your site as a trusted source of information and help your rankings.

Are you ready to have New Wine Web Design, local SEO specialists, devise an internet marketing plan that is custom tailored to your business? Whether you are located in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Prescott or Flagstaff, New Wine Web Design has the local to Arizona expertise you need. Contact us today.

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