Merging Bing AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing

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I’m really curious to see how Microsoft and Yahoo merge their two independent PPC systems.  Account transitions are slated for October and from what I understand all Yahoo accounts will be converted over to Bing AdCenter accounts. This means your AdCenter account will not be affected but if you have a Yahoo Search Marketing account then you may be in for a bumpy ride.

Joseph Kerschbaum over at Search Engine Watch has a detailed article on the status of the transition as well as how differing features between the two systems will be managed. There is reason to be apprehensive of the transition and Joseph has this suggestion:

Hopefully, all of the account transitions will go smoothly and advertisers won’t feel too much discomfort during the change.

However, I have one tip that is pretty straight forward and should save you a lot of headaches. To avoid all of these account merger issues, you should just open an adCenter account now and build it exactly how you want it. If you already have an adCenter account, then you’re already covered and you won’t need to do anything.

Take a look at Joseph’s article to see why he makes this recommendation.

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