Odds of Your Video Going Viral on YouTube

So you want to be a hit on YouTube. Well, its harder than you think. It’s actually quite sobering to think that the chances of you winning the lottery is higher than your video going viral on YouTube.  In fact just garnering 10,000 views is an admirable feat! I just learned this stuff from a Slate magazine article written by Chris Wilson.  Here is an excerpt:

This is the great promise of YouTube: Your video can soar in popularity through sheer word-of mouth-or rather, click-of-mouth-until eventually people are making T-shirts about it. No one ever said this was going to happen for everyone. So, what are your chances of achieving YouTube stardom? I crunched the numbers to find out what percentage of YouTube videos hit it big, cracking even 10,000 or 100,000 views. The results: You might have better odds playing the lottery than of becoming a viral video sensation.

So, Charlie Bit Me is quite special after all!

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