You and Your Social Network

Which social network do you prefer? This AdAge article says that the social network you prefer speaks volumes about you and your preferences:

Do you Twitter? Then you are more interested in sex than the average Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn user. Like LinkedIn? You’re more likely to watch soap operas. Favor MySpace? You’re probably not into exercise.

Which social network you favor says a lot about you — and you might be surprised just what it says. A new study by Anderson Analytics is helping identify users’ likely interests, buying habits, media consumption and more for marketers. The survey studied the demographics and psychographics of both social networkers and non-users and found that “there are definite data-driven segments in the social-networking-site market, both for non-users and users,” said Tom Anderson, founder and managing partner.

I like Twitter, have a decent profile on LinkedIn and prefer Facebook over MySpace (sorry I only connect with those I personally know) – what does that say about me? You be the judge.

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