Should My Phoenix Business Website Have A Blog?

Should My Phoenix Business Website Have A Blog?

The short and simple answer? Yes, your website should absolutely have a blog! Whether you’re a traditional brick and mortar small business or an ecommerce shop, blogging will increase the number of eyes on your website. More eyes generally means more dollars–whether that’s through ad revenue, online sales, or general exposure. So they key questions are: why should your Phoenix business website have a blog? How does your blog attract more pageviews? Those questions have a few answers–all related to SEO (search engine optimization).

  1. Easy Fresh Content! One of the top ranking factors for a website is fresh content! If you haven’t updated your website in several months or years, it’s likely your website does not rank well in search (unless you have a ridiculous amount of link juice). So always updating your website with new, relevant information in the form of blog posts is an easy way to make sure your content stays fresh.

  3. A great place for long tail keyboards. People search for the same thing in many different ways. If you’re ever at a loss on what to blog about, just think a few possible questions relating to your business searchers might be typing into Google. A good way to brainstorm is to start typing the question out in google and see what the “suggested searches” are. This will give you an idea for some of the more common long tail keywords. Blog posts are a great place to optimize for even more obscure long tail keywords, because of the low search volume your blog may rank very highly very quickly.

  5. Build trust and become an authority. There’s always the human element to blogging as well. If potential clients or customers land on your website and navigate to your blog page only to find thin, boring, or stock content, that will reflect poorly on your company’s level of professionalism and knowledge on the subject matter. For medical professionals and lawyers who can play a large roll in their potential patient or client’s lives, this can be particularly troubling. On the SEO side, the more trust people have in your blog and the higher quality the content, the more likely they are to share or link to your blog–which are both positive ranking factors.

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