Status Update Leads to Robbery

Last Fall I posted about a home break-in following Twitter updates. Now a similar one from Facebook. This even though awareness is rising on the responsible use of status updates (via All Facebook):

When the “Please Rob Me” site launched last month, I wouldn’t have guessed that under a month later, there would be an actual burglary resulting from a status update. Unfortunately for Keri McMullen, $10,000 of items were stolen thanks to a status update that tipped off burglars that she would be away from her house. Minutes after Keri left for a concert, one of her “friends” that she hadn’t spoken to in a long-time robbed her house.

The developers behind the site were intending to spread awareness about the dangers of posing status updates with your location. While participating in a panel at SXSW, one attendee told us about how he had to worry after his friend posted a status update about being out of the country and named the friends he was with. While nothing happened to the individual, it’s becoming increasingly clear that posting your whereabouts present a significant risk.

My policy is:

  • to never give real time updates about vacations (Wow only day 2 of 15 day vacation on South Beach)
  • to never give exact location during odd hours (I’m at 123 Main Street, 11.29pm)
  • to never give exact plans (Leaving home in 20 mins.)

What are yours?

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