Blogs Turning Into Advertorials 2.0

Check this out from AdWeek:

Panasonic wanted to build cachet among Internet influencers for its array of tech products. As part of its “Living in High Definition” push, Panasonic new media consultancy Crayon recruited five bloggers to travel to CES on Panasonic’s dime. Panasonic footed the bill for their travel and passes to the event while also loaning them digital video and still cameras. The bloggers, which include popular Internet figures Chris Brogan and Steve Garfield, will also meet with Panasonic executives and preview products. The catch: Panasonic has no say on what their guests post, according to Greg Verdino, chief strategy officer at Crayon.

It’s controversial, but become more accepted. If you’re a blogger with any kind of audience seeking to make money on the side with advertisers check out

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